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AICVs Autonomus Inflow Control Valve

Inflow control, allied with Hoss Heavy Oil Solutions

The AICV® is the Latest Proved Technology of Inflow Control Devices. The AICV’s reduce the production of unwanted fluids (gas and water) while recover and improve the oil production.
AICV’s is Real Solution for the World energy, Recovering Mature Fields and Increasing the Recoverable Reserves.
AICV’s had been successful installed in more than 7 countries including Colombia (South America)


  • Location: Middle East
  • Operator: Major Middle East E&P
  • Deployment: Land, mature brown-field
  • Reservoir: Sandstone, waterflooded field
  • Oil viscosity: 250 -450 cP
  • Number of wells: 6 wells
  • Completion: Horizontal oil production wells with 4-1/2” AICV®
    premium mesh screen with swell packers.

Challenges / Objectives

  • High water cut within sandstone water flood field.
  • Stand-alone screens and swell packers alone were not capable of restricting high water production effectively.
  • Operator had to choke the wells back at surface due to high water cut, which impacted the oil production and oil recovery leaving reserves stranded in the reservoir.
  • Water treatment facilities faced challenges due to large volumes of water being produced by this field, thus requiring investment to manage the produced water.

Reduced OPEX

Costs $2,400,000

Reduced water


Increased oil



• Reduced water cut on average by 68%.
• Increased oil production by 18-20%.
• $2.4M USD net OPEX Savings within first year through reduction of water handling costs vs. normal wells.
• Water handling facilities at surface were sparred by reducing large volumes of produced water.