Hoss Heavy Oil Solutions

Filter units


Filtration direction from a 4” threaded NPT box inlet at the top of the housing and a 4” threaded NPT box outlet at the bottom, identified with an aluminum plate as inlet and outlet respectively, a 20 cap. ”Flip-up on the top for easy exchange of the filter cartridges, which seals with a ½” diameter neoprene O’ring, which is energized by 8 flip-off screws of ¾ ”ordinary thread, on the top It has a ½ ”NPT threaded outlet for the installation of a pressure gauge, it has a 3” plugged outlet at the base of the cartridges that is used for washing and recovering solids or sediments that are deposited at the bottom of the cartridges position. (filters), the lower part of the casing built with a 20 ”ANSI 300 CUP is supported by a 3” tube that in the middle was coupled with a 2 ”side outlet threaded NPT box, with a stainless steel valve , which serves to drain the un before the respective hose disconnections are made, avoiding contamination, and ends with a 3 ”flange which serves as a pedestal for support. The casing in 20 ”5/8” thick wall pipe is divided into two compartments by a 1 ”thick carbon steel disc, to which 20 stainless steel ¾” NPT unions were attached. to hold 20 flutes of 1 ”OD and 3/4” stainless steel inside. The unit is mounted on a 3 ”pipe structure, which protects the unit in case of overturning or impacts when it is transported, a floor was installed 50 cm from the base of the structure as an ease for the technician to change. filters easily and safely.


Filtering the brine for completion fluids


  • Test pressure: 600 PSI
  • Maximum working pressure: 80 PSI at 90ºC
  • Total filter cartridges: 20
  • Cartridge size 30 ”x 2 ½” x 1 ”
  • Construction: Steel
  • Weight 600 Kg.